The Voice

The Voice is a TV talent show franchise that airs in 28 countries worlwide from Colombia to Indonesia and was first aired by The BBC in 2012 in the UK.

It is seen as a direct competitor for Simon Cowell's The X Factor and seeks to promote itself as a talent show that centres on musical ability, not image.

This site offers not only information about the judges, the format, the presenters and the contestants but also the betting that is available on the show from all the leading bookmakers, equipping you to make an informed opinion about who will win the series.

Specials or novelty markets have been the area of rapid growth in the betting industry, with reality TV the hub of much of the activity. Captive audiences for these programmes exceed the crowd numbers for many sporting events, the traditional domain of the bookmaker, so they have been targeted with increasing enthusiasm over the past few years.

Novelty punters will benefit from this site by having the latest Voice odds at their disposal as well as the facts, figures, background and insight to inspire a more productive betting experience.

Understanding the format on this show is key as with all reality TV programmes and it has not had enough time to become engrained like Strictly or The X Factor. The Voice may be the youngest of the Saturday night reality TV shows but enthusiasm is gathering proportinally with the popularity of the judges.

The Voice Betting

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