Next Prime Minister Odds

Next Prime Minister Odds
Tuesday 13th June 2017

The outcome of the EU Referendum vote made fomer PM David Cameron hand in his notice. Theresa May took his place after she won the first and second ballot of Conservative MPs and her challenger Andrea Leadsom withdrew from the contest, leading to May being appointed on the same day.

Although she has not yet won a General Election herself, her recent announcement calling for one on June 8 will either concrete her position as PM or see her step down.

It will also outline the country's position on the Labour Party since the re-appointment of Jeremy Corbyn, as well as the Liberal Democrats, who have come out as the party that promises to keep us in the EU.

Ukip and the Green Party will also be keen to snatch votes from disgruntled members of the public unhappy with the way the Government is handling the Brexit negotiations.

Next Prime Minister odds

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