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Politics 2015


Political Betting

Betting on Political Events has become increasingly popular in recent years, with the variety of markets including domestic and global elections. Whether it is the leader of a British Political Party, the Next Mayor of London, the Next Prime Minister or The US Presidency, the bookmakers offer odds on them all. 

Currently, as the EU Referendum debate dominates the UK media, with both the BREXIT and Stay campaigns battling it out with the statisticians, the bookies also are making their predictions.

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Will French Presidential Elections Put National Front Candidate Le Pen In Power?

Political commentators across the globe were acknowledging a popular surge to the Right in 2016 and, with the UK’s decision to leave Europe and the installation of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States, there would seem to be some irrefutable evidence for this observation. After all, whilst the once Communist heartland of Russia finds itself aligned...

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Policeman stabbed and assailant shot in terror attack on Parliament

A policeman has been stabbed and his attacker seemingly shot by officers after mowing down pedestrians in a car on what is being treated as a terrorist attack on Westminster.

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Corbyn & Watson At The Launderette Instead Of In Battle

It is commonly accepted in Battlefield Strategy that the enemy is at its most vulnerable when distracted. Nothing is more exciting to an insurgent than to see that its prey’s attention is elsewhere�so that an attack is bound to be triumphant. However, it seems that the Labour Party has completely foregone this basic premise and on the auspicious day that Prime...

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March 29, 2017: History made as May pulls Article 50 trigger

Every generation has a defining moment in history which acts as a glue to unite them. Whether it is VE day for those who endured and shared the experience of a World War, the assassination of John F. Kennedy or John Lennon or even the experience of Bob Geldof’s Live Aid, these events galvanize through common experience and sit like monoliths in our memory banks. Here in...

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Is Political Betting More Dangerous & Exciting Than Cheltenham?

‘Political Betting’ does not have the same air of excitement about it as The Cheltenham Festival, which is currently whipping horse racing fans into a frenzy at the bookmakers. However, the past 12 months of domestic and International politics has re-invigorated a Nation, disenchanted with the powers that be, and whilst the adrenalin rush of a five minute...

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