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Friday 30th June 2017

Betting on political events has become increasingly popular in recent years, with the variety of markets including domestic and global elections.

Whether it is the leader of a British political party, the next country to leave the EU or who will be the next prime minister, the bookmakers offer odds on them all.

Regular bets include the next party leaders – LabourConservative and Liberal Democrats. Use the navigation options above to choose your market.

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Theresa May delivers the most important speech of her career to EU in Florence
Friday 22nd September 2017

Many are describing today as D-Day for Theresa May and her Conservative government. Giving probably the most important speech of her career, the prime minister will be addressing the European Union in Florence with her outline Brexit proposals,…

The end of the world's biggest reality TV show? Bookies odds on Donald Trump won't last first term
Tuesday 22nd August 2017

It is really no surprise that the 45th presidency of the United States is playing out more like a reality TV show than an imposing, sleek state-of-the-art governing machine. With daily dramas and mesmerising cliffhangers Trump’s administration…

Donald Trump's popularity plummets as he threatens North Korea with 'fire and fury'
Wednesday 9th August 2017

The world woke up today to President Donald Trump's  bullish cries that North Korea would face 'fire and fury' from the US administration, the like of which has never been seen, even though Secretary of State Rex…

Donald Trump continues to play musical chairs in the White House as he sacks chief of staff Anthony Scaramucci
Tuesday 1st August 2017

Here at Who’ll Win, we  have always been keen to bring the latest news and betting odds for those following political markets, both at home and abroad. Traditionally, our job is made easier by the constraints that the time required…

Could Donald Trump's attack on the attorney general be the nail in his presidential coffin?
Wednesday 26th July 2017

There was a time when the name Donald Trump meant no more than a wealthy American businessman and a reality TV show host. Few could have imagined, even a year ago, that he would be affecting world peace and climate change. However, reality…

Voters indicate '46% of them would choose Jeremy Corbyn in a snap general election'
Wednesday 12th July 2017

This week marks the first anniversary of Theresa May assuming the office of prime minister and it would seem from recent YouGov polls that there is no reason for her to be popping any bubbly.

New satirical show The Mash Report sees the BBC rip current political chaos apart
Tuesday 11th July 2017

There is one particular genre at which the BBC excels, and that is the comedy panel show, but then if you add in satire and current affairs, Auntie is the absolute Master.

Exciting times for the political punter with expanding markets
Friday 30th June 2017

Last year due to the 48/52% split in the European Referendum vote, the UK became more polarised than it has been in decades. Brexit divided families, as well as the country, and the subsequent domino effect on the political landscape has been…

COMMENT: Rousing reception for Jeremy Corbyn at Glastonbury
Monday 26th June 2017

On Saturday (June 24), the world of politics collided with the world of entertainment in a manner completely unfamiliar on these shores.

Twitter hijacks #BrexitAnniversary just because it can
Friday 23rd June 2017

It’s only been a year since the EU referendum, but after the events that have happened since, it feels like a lifetime.

Question Time heckler booted out of audience by David Dimbleby
Friday 23rd June 2017

Long gone are the days when the British public can be accused of being apathetic about politics. Andrew Marr, Peston and Andrew Neil used to host shows that provided coffee mornings for the bourgeoisie, neatly tucked away in the schedules,…

Big Brother
COMMENT: Rylan goes below the belt with Reverend
Thursday 22nd June 2017

There have been clear pivotal chapters in the history of broadcasting, whether it is the moment monochrome sets were gilded with glorious technicolor, or the episode when Neil Armstrong’s “giant step for mankind” was transmitted…

Corbyn introduces rap act at Glastonbury
Tuesday 20th June 2017

While Theresa May is battling every negative political cliché in the book, from ‘being on the back foot’ to ‘battling for her political life’, Jeremy Corbyn, who was accredited for taking the Labour Party into…

COMMENT: June really could be end of May
Monday 19th June 2017

When The Daily Mail begins to question the validity of a Conservative Prime Minister, it is understandable that their longevity in the post might come into question.

COMMENT: Political storm for Theresa May following Grenfell fire
Friday 16th June 2017

After the nation watched the unfolding horror of the Grenfell tower block fire and the mounting scale of human tragedy, Prime Minister May finds her public approval rating falling to an all time low.

Jo Swinson odds on favourite to be next Lib Dem leader
Thursday 15th June 2017

Liberal  Democrat MP Jo Swinton is odds on favourite to take the place of Tim Farron as party leader after he stepped down on Wednesday night.

Comment: Theresa May's political future scrambled
Wednesday 14th June 2017

Like all the King's men rushing to Humpty Dumpty's aid, the government is currently desperately trying to unscramble the general election mess caused by Theresa May's fall from grace.

John Oliver calls for Lord Buckethead to be the UK's 'Brexit negotiator'
Monday 12th June 2017

Think Lord Buckethead would be a good Brexit negotiator?

Theresa May a 'dead woman walking' says Osborne
Monday 12th June 2017

After the June 8 general election in the UK, there have been the inevitable cluster of post mortems across the media.

Big Brother
DAY 4: Politics, more rows and a live eviction
Friday 9th June 2017

Tonight sees Big Brother’s first eviction as ‘people’s housemate’ Tom Barber is saddled with the decision as to who goes.

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