Lisa Appleton's daughter Sophia pulls out of Love Island after finding a fella

She's applied for other TV shows though

Lisa Appleton’s daughter Sophia has pulled out of appearing on Love Island after finding love.

The 27-year-old posted on Facebook that it had been a “hard decision” to leave, but wished everyone the best.

She wrote: “Well as you all know, I could have been on Love Island this year, everyone keeps asking me what’s going on… so I’m putting it out there… it was a hard choice to make, but due to a potential relationship in my life I decided to turn it down a few weeks ago.

Lisa Appleton
Lisa Appleton

“However I wish all the best for the luck people that get to compete, find love and win the show, £50,000 and in return hopefully a successful life.”

Her mum Lisa, a former Big Brother housemate and Who’ll Win vlogger, revealed that despite dropping out of Love Island, we haven’t see the last of her daughter just yet.

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Lisa said: “Yes, Sophia did apply for Love Island, however she’s met someone and they really like each other.

“At the end of the day it’s about timing, however I can reveal that Sophia has applied for more TV shows so watch this space.”

She added that the shows are not romance-based programmes.

She said: “Sophia is an amazing character, absolutely stunning and great fun.”


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