The Liberal Democrats will 'legalise cannabis, oppose Brexit and help first-time buyers'

'Your choice over your future'

The Liberal Democrats have pledged to legalise cannabis, oppose Brexit and help young people buy their first home in their general election manifesto.

Following on from Labour yesterday, leader of the Lib Dems Tim Farron launched his party’s vision for the future of Britain.

Mr Farron said he would inject £6 million a year into the NHS by putting 1p on national insurance, and ban diesel cars.

Tim Farron

The party leader also stuck the boot in to current prime minister Theresa May’s “extreme” Conservative Brexit plans, and equally slated Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party for “letting you [the country] down” by not voting against her plans.

Mr Farron said: "You don't have to accept Theresa May and Nigel Farage's extreme version of Brexit that will wreck the future for you, your family, your schools and hospitals.

"In the biggest fight for the future of our country in a generation, Jeremy Corbyn's Labour has let you down by voting with Theresa May on Brexit, not against her.”

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Tim Farron

Mr Farron said: “The Liberal Democrats want you to have a choice over your future.

"You should have your say on the Brexit deal in a referendum. And if you don't like the deal you should be able to reject it and choose to remain in Europe.

"We want to give all our children a brighter future in a fairer Britain where people are decent to each other, with good schools and hospitals, a clean environment and an innovative economy. Not Theresa May's cold, mean-spirited Britain."

The party says it would look to raise £1 billion by legalising cannabis, but would keep university tuition fees, instead prioritising the NHS.

Click on the tweet below to read their full manifesto.


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