EXCLUSIVE: Eurovision fan showcases anti-Brexit outfit ahead of final

Some UK fans have also renamed our entry

When Lucie Jones steps onto stage tomorrow evening, not only will she be reprosenting her country in Eurovision, but she will inadvertently become the face of an anti-Brexit movement.

As we reported last week, some fans have cheekily re-named her song Never Give Up On You to 'Never Give Up on EU'.

The fans, who are in the Ukraine for the 62nd song contest, are determined to make European countries attending realise that many people in Britain are still in favour of remaining and are actively opposing Brexit.

An exclusive look at Sylvia's outfit for tomorrow night

Earlier this week a poll even suggested that if Britain leaves the EU we should also ditch the Eurovision Song Contest, a view many fans in Kyiv would find quite shocking.

To show support fans have been sporting t-shirts around Kyiv with the re-named song on, and one fan Sylvia Rook (above) is even planning to ditch the t-shirt tomorrow for a specially made outfit, which includes the circular stars of the EU.

Some fans have been wearing these t-shirts

We caught up with Sylvia in Kyiv where she explained why she and other fans had re-named the song.

“I am a great supporter of Lucie and the UK song, but I also feel that the UK is still very much part of Europe, and I was sad we voted to leave the European Union," she said.

“With Lucie's song being 'Never give up on You', I thought it was quite fitting this year to have a play on words – that ‘I will never give up on EU’.

“It is particularly fitting when we are surrounded with Eurovision fans, and are in a country that wants to join the EU as we are leaving.”

Sylvia Rook showing her support for the EU

Sylvia added: “There are other people wearing the t-shirt but on Saturday I will be wearing an EU dress.”

On Thursday the Daily Mirror reported that Lucie Jones said she had yet to sense any Brexit fallout from the Ukraine.

She told the newspaper: "Nobody involved with Eurovision has brought it up, It’s not been a problem for anyone – or, if it has, they haven’t talked to me about it.”

Eurovision fan Ben Morris' design of Sylvia Rook