Beckham misses target with acting career

Fans slate David's ability in Ritchie's Arthur

David Beckham is the man with the Midas touch. The man with a golden career, famously christened “golden balls”, with golden boots in his closet and a public profile that glistens even more with every business or charity that he associates himself with... until now.

Whether it is as a fashion icon, an Ambassador for the Olympics or a parental role model, Beckham has surfed across society and scored in every discipline. Inevitably, he has brushed up against both the monarchy and celebrity royalty, using his connections to establish himself as a national treasure.

However, his friendship with film director Guy Ritchie may finally have delivered him an awkward own goal.

Social media is alive with criticism of his cameo appearance in Ritchie’s new film King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and he has been slated by the critics.

Apparently Guy and David are old pals and he first dipped his toe into the acting world when he appeared in Ritchie’s movie The Man from U.N.C.L.E. in 2015. Although he has defended his performance by saying, “I haven’t taken a step into acting, this is just doing something with someone I love as a friend and a director” and calling the challenge, “ a little bit of fun”, it is difficult to believe that this enterprise is just a jolly jape with a mate.

Of course, Ritchie will benefit from the publicity generated by Beckham’s presence on the project, but as a film director in charge of a multi-million pound budget surely he has to protect his reputation too?

Given the less than favourable assessment of his acting skills, David was quick to reiterate that: “It’s not a new career, it’s not something I’m looking to go into but working with Guy and working with Charlie was just a real laugh and something that was incredible to be a part of.”

The “Charlie”, he is referring to is Charlie Hunnam, the former Byker Grove actor who plays the lead role of King Arthur. Whilst one fan referred to Beckham’s appearance as Trigger “cringeworthy”, Hunnam was altogether more charitable describing him as a humble and serious actor adding even more confusion to Beckham’s intention.

Although Ritchie was at pains to defend his pal on the red carpet saying that the footballing legend was “a fabulous actor and a real pleasure to be with”, the majority suspect that this is a simple act of nepotism.

Beckham appeared alongside Ritchie, Hunnam and his son Brooklyn at the premiere but the likelihood of him challenging the likes of Cumberbatch at The BAFTAs is as remote as wife Victoria winning an Emmy.


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