Is Micky Flanagan's new show a flavour you can savour?

Thinking Aloud mixes Benidorm with TOWIE

There has been a definite broadcasting revolution in the past decade. As the number of TV channels continue to increase, creatives are required to develop new formats to entice audiences, and celebrities who have success in one genre are imported to publicise another.

In the UK, where comedians currently sit at the top of the celebrity tree, producers now turn to comics to front their pseudo-documentaries to attract audiences which is exactly why Sky 1 has employed Micky Flanagan for a new series.

Thinking Aloud, which starts on April 17, is not exactly investigative journalism at its best, but then neither was Flanagan’s first series Detour de France, which followed Micky pedalling through the French countryside.

The assumption of this new six-parter is that Micky will seek answers to those universal and quirky questions that we all bump into, either at the bottom of a glass of wine or in a reflective toilet stop, and that we will be entertained and informed by his revelations.

However, as pointed out at the outset, this is no documentary. This is an excuse to give Flanagan a cheeky broadcasting vehicle where he can indulge himself, and the viewer, with a bit of entertaining nonsense.

Exploring themes like, ‘Is there such a thing as a mid-life crisis’ and ‘Does a leather waistcoat have any place in modern society?’, we can expect the programme to be as wacky and whimsical as Micky himself.

We can look forward to Flanagan being spanked by a dominatrix in Slough, dancing with disco terrorists in Los Angeles and posing in the buff with obsessive body builders (see above).

The first episode entitled simply ‘Men and Women’, gives the comic such a ridiculously wide brief, that anything is possible – but that’s the point.

If you are thinking BBC Wonder, Attenborough, Packham or Paxman, turn off. However, if you can imagine Benidorm crossed with TOWIE, then maybe this has a flavour that you might savour.


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