VIDEO: Orange is the New Black brings out the big guns in new series trailer

It's. About. To. Get. REAL.

In case you’re worried that we may run out of good series to binge over the summer, put June 9 in your calendar – Orange is the New Black is back!

And the season trailer is about as tense as you can get, following on from series four’s cliffhanger where Dayanara "Daya" Diaz (Dascha Polanco) is waving a gun in the face of nasty screw Thomas Humphrey (Michael Torpey).

The tragic death of Poussey Washington (Samira Wiley) has led to the final straw for the women at Litchfield prison, who we see riot at the end of last series.

In the trailer it starts where it left off, it’s getting pretty heated as the women chant at Daya to shoot.

Orange is the New Black

Cutting to Piper and Alex, Piper says: “We’re laying low, and we’re staying out of trouble.”

“That’s right,” replies Alex.

“If this is trouble, we turn around and we walk the other way. We’re out of the business.”

But in typical Piper fashion she romanticises the idea of it, saying:“If this is real riot, do you think this is a step forward or backward for equality?”

Alex isn’t having any of it. “I don’t care,” she says. 

“We’re getting out of here now. Come on.”

Back to Daya, she’s getting more and more worked up, then… BANG!

Do you think she shot him? You’ll have to wait until June 9 to find out.


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