EXCLUSIVE: Meet the Forever FM radio host ahead of Car Share's second series

Rob Charles is the voice of breakfast DJ Mike
Exclusive: Meet the voice behind Forever FM

Tonight sees the return of Car Share, but lets be honest, as well as the will-they-won’t-they relationship between John and Kayleigh, we’re also looking forward to the return of Forever FM.

After series one, the radio station was so popular, fans called for it to be created for real and the BBC even created a playlist of songs from the series.

But who is the mystery voice behind the station, breakfast DJ Mike?

Enter Rob Charles, a radio DJ from Lancashire who will return in the much anticipated second series as the voice of Forever FM, the station that John (Peter Kay) and Kayleigh (Sian Gibson) listen to on their commute to work.

Rob Charles

“I love the way the show just took off and that Forever FM was such a popular part of it,” he said.

“As soon as people hear the songs it’s a real ‘bloody hell’ moment, like with Bardo One Step Further. You almost forget these classics and then when you’re reminded of them it creates a big reaction from the listener.

“For some reason there isn’t a station like that around in real life. Occasionally a song like Birdhouse in your Soul will pop up, but no station has provoked such a passion for music like Forever FM has.”

Car Share

Rob – who has worked at a number of stations across the north west – believes the show has been popular due to its ability to tap into everyday situations.

“I think it’s the chemistry between Kayleigh and John that makes the show so popular, as well as the music of course,” he said.

“Obviously Sian and Peter have both know each other for 20 or so years so are completely comfortable with each other. I would bet that some of the scenes are ad-libs.

“They talk about normal things, everyday issues such as when they try and hide from the fish man. It’s stuff that people can easily relate to.

“It’s like the nosey neighbour scene where John’s waiting for Kayleigh to appear from her home after a boozy night out. When we visit my wife’s mum and dad, they have a neighbour like that who thinks we can’t see her looking out the window, tutting away. It goes back to the situations being mirrored on real life.”

Car Share

When father-of-three Rob was initially sent the script for series one, he had very little idea about how his voice would be used.

He said: “In the first series I didn’t know anything about what they’d do with my voice once I’d recorded it. I was just reading lines of a script. So it was great to find out I was a part of something so special.

“With series two it was different – I could imagine being the DJ and how John and Kayleigh might react, so that made it great fun to record.”

Despite Car Share’s popularity, Rob believes that the second series, which only has four episodes, will be the last.

“Peter has a record of leaving a show right at the height of its popularity, like with Phoenix Nights, so although I’d love it to return, he might want to put it to bed,” he said.

Tonight the series begins with Kayleigh travelling on her own to work after moving in with her sister. But we’re sure this arrangement doesn’t last if the trailer is anything to go by.

Although Rob has taken a step back from the radio industry for the most part (he works in a furniture shop, runs his audio business Multi-Caster and presents a Sunday afternoon show on Great Yorkshire Radio) he would be up for making Forever FM a reality.

And for those who start with Forever FM withdrawal, wander round Blackburn Market for a while to hear Rob’s dulcet tones – he’s the voice of the market radio station.

“I would really like the series to go on, but that’s partly because I’ve enjoyed doing Forever FM so much,” he said.

“Viewers just love the way the music intersperses with the conversation, like with the Golden Hour, John randomly shouts out dates that correspond with the music being played, like, ‘1985’ or '1994'.”

“It would be great to make it real station.”

Indeed it would.

Car Share airs on BBC One on April 11 at 9pm. The entire box set will appear after then on iPlayer. The series will continue weekly on terrestrial.


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