Miss World contests

Since its inception in 1951, the Miss World title has centred around the concept of a beauty pageant to choose the winner. While this is still very much part of the competition, there are more hurdles for the contestants to overcome beforehand.

In the year before the global finals, the countries that are licensed or franchised to take part in Miss World execute a competition to chose their national representative, such as Miss Great Britain.

For a month before the big event the contestants not only do the usual rounds of galas and dinners, since 2003 they are also expected to engage in a series of 'talent contests' or 'fast track events', which enable the organisers to cull the number of competitors to a more manageable 15 or 20 women.

Each of these contests enable the contender to accrue points according to their position and those who accumulate the most are given a passport to the final. Although the eventual winner will not necessarily have won any of these contests, they will have done well enough across the board to reach the final pageant.

These are the categories that these contests have fallen into:

  • Beach fashion (2003-present)
  • Miss talent (2003-present
  • Miss sorts  (2003-2004 and 2006-present)
  • Beauty with a purpose (2005-present)
  • Top model (2004 and 2007 - present)
  • Multimedia award ( 2012)
  • People's choice (2003)
  • Personality (2003)
  • Contestant's choice (2004)