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The Voice UK
The Voice UK: Outright Winner

Stevie McCrorie - Team Ricky7/4

Sheena McHugh - Team Will4/1

Clark Carmody - Team Rita7/1

Lucy OByrne - Team Will8/1

Claudia Rose - Team Ricky8/1

Howard Rose - Team Tom9/1

Emmanuel Nwamadi - Team Ricky10/1

Autumn Sharif - Team Ricky10/1

Mitch Miller - Team Rita10/1

Esmee Denters - Team Will11/1

Rosa Iamele - Team Tom12/1

Sasha Simone - Team Tom14/1

Olivia Lawson - Team Ricky16/1

Sharon Murphy - Team Tom16/1

Hannah Symons - Team Ricky16/1

Liss Jones - Team Rita16/1

Joe Woolford - Team Rita16/1

Jake Shakeshaft - Team Will16/1

Karl Loxley - Team Tom18/1

Karis Thomas - Team Rita20/1

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EurovisionSong Contest Odds

The Eurovision Song Contest final takes place annually in May amidst a flurry of betting activity. To place a bet simply click on the price of the country you wish to have a bet on and this will take you to the landing page of that bookmaker where you can register, deposit some funds and place your Eurovision bet. For those who may not be familiar to placing a bet online it is a very simple process and only takes a few minutes to set up. The minimum bet can be a small as £5-£10 making it the ideal market for the more casual punter and fan.

Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Odds - Click To Bet

The 2014 Eurovision Song Contest takes place on Saturday, 10th May 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The odds on which nation will win this year are listed below.


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