Past winners

Two male soloists, two groups, a dancer and a dog act have so far constituted the winners of Britain's Got Talent, proving thst there is an opening for anyone on this particular talent show.

Solo singers frequently get through to the latter stages but with the presence of The X Factor and The Voice, it seems the voting public are eager to be surprised and entertained by something novel.

  • Series 10: Richard Jones (magician)
  • Series 9: Jules O'Dwyer and Matisse (dog act)
  • Series 8: Collabro (singing group)
  • Series 7: Atraction (theatre act)
  • Series 6: Ashleigh & Pudsey (dog act)
  • Series 5: Jai McDowell  (singer)
  • Series 4: Spellbound (gymnasts)
  • Series 3: Diversity (dance troupe)
  • Series 2: George Sampson (dancer)
  • Series 1: Paul Potts (singer)

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