Britain's Got Talent

Predicting who will win Britain's Got Talent is even more challenging than predicting the winner of any other reality TV show. One look at past winners will tell you that it could be a singer, dance troupe, group of gymnasts – or even a dog. The winner will be handed a substantial £250,000 cheque and a chance to perform at the Royal Variety Show, so there is a lot to play for.

Here at Who'll Win we hope to guide you through the maze of acts that will appear on Simon Cowell's venture into the world of variety, providing you with background information, videos and up to the minute news articles so you have all the information you need on the contestants that matter.

Britain's Got Talent is a collaboration between Fremantle's Thames and Cowell's production company Syco TV, and after an apprehensive baptism in 2007, it  has become a firm favourite with the British public, as much for its diversity and quirkiness as for its entertainment. It is no surprise that a dance troupe called Diversity was one of the past winners.

The contestants endure an audition process in front of a judging panel, the composition of  which has varied year on year, adding a freshness to the format, but also making it more difficult to assess the impact the judges opinions will have on the proceedings and the subsequent public vote. Like all other reality TV series, the judges do have some impact, but once the live shows begin it is the British public that decides on the outcome.

Fronted by the ever popular Ant and Dec, while the series does not run for as long as the other big giants of reality TV like Strictly Come Dancing or The X Factor, it is compelling viewing and now has the bookies' interest with a number of  different odds markets including outright winner betting and 'next elimination' betting.

Who'll Win will give you all the latest  Britain's Got Talent odds from the leading bookmakers plus a guide on all the free bet opportunities. 

It is worth remembering that although Britain's Got Talent was the launchpad for Susan Boyle to be a global phenomenon, she did not actually win the show. BGT is a tricky show to predict, but Who'll Win will give you help in uncovering the act that will win this year.

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Britain's Got Talent 2016 – results

  • 1st - Richard Jones
  • 2nd - Wayne Woodward
  • 3rd - Boogie Storm
  • 4th - Jasmine Elcock
  • 5th - Beau Dermott
  • 6th - Craig Ball
  • 7th - Trip Hazard
  • 8th - 100 Voices of Gospel
  • 9th - Alex Magala
  • 10th - Balance Unity
  • 11th - Shannon & Peter
  • 12th - Mel & Jamie

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Britain's Got Talent

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