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When betting on Big Brother all information is good information. Essentially to succeed with your punt you need to gauge perfectly the feelings of the viewing public, after all it is on thir votes that the Winner is chosen. We have created a perfect forum for all you Big Brother enthusiasts to share your knowledge, feelings and observations about the Grand Master of Reality TV.

Use this forum responsibly and keep your finger on the pulse of public attitudes to this year's housemates, you could find it an invaluable tool with both Outright Winner betting and Elimination Betting. Reality TV has established itself as a major player in the TV world, it is no longer a poor relative but a winner of major TV awards. Get nattering and share your knowledge between you.

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Big Brother 2017

Winner odds
Ellie Young
Chanelle Mcleary
Charlotte Keys
Sukhvinder Javeed
Deborah Agboola
Rebecca Jane
Hannah Agboola
Kayleigh Morris