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Thursday 29th June 2017

Celebrity Big Brother follows exactly the same format as the regular (or civilian) Big Brother, but instead of unknown contestants, the house is filled with a mixture of TV stars, celebrities and infamous showbiz faces.

While the regular show's viewing figures are dwindling, the celebrity version is still going strong, with averages across the series well over the two million mark.

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This Celebrity Big Brother quiz will sort out the fair-weather viewers from the superfans
Friday 18th August 2017

Call yourself a Celebrity Big Brother fan? Well now’s your chance to prove it with our interactive quiz. All you have to do is pick out the UK CBB housemates who made it to the finals of their series. As the celebrity version of the reality…

Big Brother
Luke Marsden: 'Jordan wanted to last longer than ex Megan McKenna but didn't – and probably not for the first time'
Wednesday 16th August 2017

This Celebrity Big Brother series is revolutionary in one way: I dislike most, if not all, of the housemates. Moany, whining and complete egomaniacs. Big Brother has been asking us to spend our hard earned pennies and vote to save one of this…

Big Brother
Helen Wood brands Sarah Harding a ‘slag’ and tells Trisha to ‘f*ck off back home’
Tuesday 15th August 2017

Helen Wood has turned her attention to Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding in her latest Who’ll Win vlog. In the video (below), the 30-year-old, who won Big Brother in 2014, blasts her as a “slag” after her steamy snog with Chad…

Brandi has a warning for Chad in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother

Speaking to Chad about Sarah Harding, Brandi thinks he's being played by the Girls Aloud singer, saying: 'She gets the sexiest guy in the house and you get a broken heart.'

Big Brother
Luke Marsden: 'Karthik's only chance of celebrity is an endorsement with a shaving company'
Monday 14th August 2017

Just one day inside the Big Brother house can seem like an eternity. Relationships are amplified and sped up so a first date is more like fourth base. Every series it’s interesting to watch how so-called “celebrities” cope…

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Karthik and his monobrow evicted from Celebrity Big Brother and Trisha throws her toys out of the pram and walks
Monday 14th August 2017

For 16 years, the Celebrity Big Brother eviction process has followed the same pattern, apart from the occasional humiliating backdoor exit, so it is with some incredulity that as the nominees gathered on the sofas on Friday night, that once…

Trisha Paytas lets rip at Celebrity Big Brother housemates after walking off the show

The YouTube sensation, who left the house on Friday, is not happy with the show's producers, Paul Danan or Sarah Harding...

Marissa is the first housemate to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother

The American mob wife was given a target on her back by Shaun aka Barry from Eastenders within hours of entering the house. Here are her best bits...

Big Brother
Helen Wood accuses Karthik Nagesan of ‘using the race card’ during row with Paul Danan
Tuesday 8th August 2017

Karthik Nagesan is the latest of the Celebrity Big Brother housemate to feel the wrath of Helen Wood. In her latest Who’ll Win vlog, the former winner of the reality show blasted Karthik as a “moron” and a "pr*ck"…

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Luke Marsden slams Celebrity Big Brother housemates: 'Awful flirting, inane sexual chat and topless action men'
Monday 7th August 2017

Nearly a week into this new series of Celebrity Big Brother and aside from everyone asking, "who are they?" The next question is, "what exactly are they doing?" After a week we’d expect to see fiery rows, tantrums…

Here are the Big Brother housemates up for eviction this week

We already knew Marissa was up, thanks to Barry (sorry Shaun's) killer nomination, but who are the other four facing the public vote tomorrow? 

ICYMI: Three housemates win immunity from the first Celebrity Big Brother eviction

Paul Danan, Helen Lederer and Derek Acorah are safe! They will not be up for eviction on Tuesday.

Big Brother
Helen Wood tears into Jemma Lucy branding her ‘a squid with a black wig’
Thursday 3rd August 2017

Helen Wood has wasted no time in voicing her VERY honest opinion on this year’s Celebrity Big Brother line up – and it’s Jemma Lucy who bears the brunt of her vitriol. The eyebrow artist, who won Big Brother in 2014,…

Big Brother
Twitter goes mental over Celebrity Big Brother housemate Trisha Paytas
Thursday 3rd August 2017

She’s only been in the house five minutes and already Trisha Paytas has got Celebrity Big Brother viewers hooked. The American YouTube star has emerged as a surprise early favourite on social media platform Twitter, with fans urging her…

Watch Shaun Williamson deliver a killer nomination for failing his launch night task

Poor Shaun aka Barry didn't really have much to go on but at least he owned it rather than breaking down over it like 'snakey' Andrew Cruickshanks (remember him?).

Big Brother
Big Brother star Nikki 'who is she?' Grahame opens up about anorexia battle in new documentary
Thursday 3rd August 2017

She is responsible for one of the most memorable moments in Big Brother history with her iconic diary room rant. But although the Nikki Grahame “Who is she?” tantrum still causes laughs across the internet world, the 35-year-old…

Big Brother
Trisha Paytas calls Jordan Davies ‘untalented’ and 'a hooker’ hours after entering the Celebrity Big Brother house
Wednesday 2nd August 2017

One day in and already Trisha Paytas is turning out to be well worth watching. The YouTube star only half-jokingly branded Jordan Davies “untalented” and a “hooker” after a very revealing chat on the Celebrity Big Brother…

Big Brother
COMMENT: Is charity prize money the way forward for Celebrity Big Brother?
Wednesday 2nd August 2017

After last night’s launch of Celebrity Big Brother, and the introduction of 15 new faces who will accompany us in our sitting rooms for the next month, it will soon become unimaginable that we could forget them as we become ensconced…

Listen to Celebrity Big Brother's Shaun Williamson sing Mustang Sally at Nuneaton Carnival

If you've seen Barry (sorry, we mean Shaun) on Ricky Gervais' Extras, then this will be even more of a treat to your ears.

Big Brother
Luke Marsden on the Celebrity Big Brother line up: 'Celebs? Instead we’ve got a Lidl equivalent'
Wednesday 2nd August 2017

I thought the point in watching the Celebrity version of the show was that we’d get a stellar line up of actual bona fide celebs? Instead we’ve got a Lidl equivalent. Gone are the days of Jackie Stallone and even Mark Owen from…

Luke Marsden is back with live Twitter commentary for the Celebrity Big Brother launch night

Everyone's favourite Big Brother commentator and Who'll Win columnist Luke Marsden is back taking over our Twitter tonight from 9pm.

Big Brother
First look: Inside the new Celebrity Big Brother swanky spa retreat
Tuesday 1st August 2017

Here’s a first look at what the celebrities have to look forward to when they enter the Big Brother house this evening. And you can see that it looks VERY different to the village scene that we saw in the civilian version, which…

Big Brother
Comment: Helen Lederer has age, humour and the insider knowledge needed to win Celebrity Big Brother
Monday 31st July 2017

The Celebrity Big Brother launch night is supposed to be an affair full of shocks and surprises as those willing to risk their mental health, and their careers, for a spell in the Elstree melting pot are revealed by host Emma Willis. Unfortunately,…

Big Brother
Luke Marsden: 'A Big Brother series unfit for winner Isabelle Warburton'
Saturday 29th July 2017

Usually on a Big Brother finale night, I’m full of anticipation to see who the winner will be and dread because it’s been an amazing series and I’m sad it’s over. I didn’t have any of these feelings for this year’s…

Isabelle Warburton wins Big Brother 2017

Isabelle, from Warrington, beat Raph Korine (2nd), Deborah Agboola (3rd) and Tom Barber (4th) to take the £65,000 prize and the Big Brother 2017 crown. 

Luke Marsden will be tweeting live updates throughout the Big Brother final tonight

Our columnist Luke Marsden will be offering his thoughts – sometimes scathing but always articulate – throughout the final tonight from 9pm.

Follow @whollwin in Twitter to hear his quick witted and cutting commentary as the Big Brother winner is announced.

Big Brother
Big Brother 2017: 3 ex-housemates BANNED from tonight's final
Friday 28th July 2017

Three ex-housemates have reportedly been BANNED from attending the Big Brother live final. Arthur Fulford, Lotan Carter and Kayleigh Morris have all been shunned from the celebrations, which will see the winner announced tonight. A Channel…

Kieran and Hannah evicted through the back door leaving 5 ahead of tonight's live final

Isabelle, Deborah, Tom, Raph and Andrew are the Big Brother 2017 finalists!

Big Brother
Isabelle Warburton makes it to the Big Brother final while the other housemates await their fate in tonight's back door eviction
Thursday 27th July 2017

Big Bother has revealed that Isabelle Warburton has made it to the final. The 21-year-old, who survived eviction against Charlotte on Tuesday night’s show, broke down in tears of happiness when Big Brother told her in the diary room.…

Big Brother
Helen Wood blasts Rebecca as ‘vile’ and backs Raph to win Big Brother 2017
Thursday 27th July 2017

Helen Wood has branded ex-housemate Rebecca Jane a 'vile creature' who 'showed herself up' on Wednesday's episode. The winner of Big Brother 2014 has never been a wallflower – and this time is no exception as doesn't hold back…

Big Brother
Celebrity Big Brother contestant pulls out to have 'lifesaving surgery'
Thursday 27th July 2017

A Celebrity Big Brother contestant has pulled out of the reality series to have lifesaving surgery, according to reports. Rodrigo Alves, known as the human Ken doll, was one of the celebs lined up for the Channel 5 show, which is due to start…

Charlotte is evicted from the Big Brother house through the back door days before final

She didn't get the live eviction she hoped for as Big Brother executed the first of three harsh back door exits. Two more will go tonight, which will be shown on Thursday.

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More Big Brother twists and turns as Hannah and Tom are 'evicted'... or are they?

Brutal face-to-face nominations see Hannah and Tom walking through the back door of the Big Brother house... But they're not going anywhere!

Sam Chanelle and Ellie evicted from the Big Brother house in shock triple eviction

They didn't know what was coming!

Deborah and Chanelle discuss nominations ahead of tonight's eviction

Chanelle, Ellie, Hannah, Kieran and Tom are up for eviction this week, along with dead man walking Sam. Who will go?

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