X Factor who? Yes Lad prove they've moved on from reality TV image
Thursday 13th April 2017

It has been a rollercoaster few months for Yes Lad since they were controversially dropped by Louis Walsh on The X Factor.

But although their reality TV dream ended, the lads were determined to break away from their manufactured image and make it on their own.

And with a debut single poised to be released later this month, followed by an album, it seems that very little harm has been done since they exited the show.

The band, made up of Cian Gleeson, 19, Joel Healey, 19, Sonny Hardman, 19, Lewis Maxwell, 16, and Jake Donlan, 20, write their own material and class their biggest asset is their “likability and northern humour”.

Fame has not made the lads forget their roots either – they love nothing more than hanging out together and going to their favourite nightclub, Level in Bolton.

Jake, the newest member or the band who took over from Luke, who left seven months ago following the band’s edit from The X Factor.

He said: “I was really worried about how people would take to me but there’s been nothing negative thankfully. The fans have been great."

Joel added: “We’re all just normal lads from the north west and I think that people can see that. We don’t just work together, we hang out together and go out clubbing sometimes too. We love Level in Bolton, we go there quite a lot.

“We just want to be who we are, and if people like us, come and join the fun.”

Their debut single Walk Away is released on April 28, with their as yet untitled first album following later in the year.

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