VIDEO: Twin Peaks series 3 will be just as brilliantly weird as it was
Wednesday 12th April 2017

You have heard correctly – Twin Peaks is returning this year… and sooner than you may think.

The much anticipated revival of the cult classic series is due to premiere on the small screen on May 22.

But the show’s first episode will air at 2am in the UK (to coincide with the US air time), so you’ll either have to stay up late or wait until the repeat on Tuesday, May 23 at 9pm.

There will be 18 episodes in total, directed again by David Lynch, with the first episode a whole two hours long. But don’t expect a usual once-a-week slot.

“Everything about Twin Peaks is going to be unconventional — unconventional in the handling of it and how we put it out in the world and how we market,” Showtime CEO David Nevins told Deadline.

“I want to embrace the unusualness of it, and I think it is quite possible we’re not going to do a traditional release pattern. I don’t know exactly what that means yet.

“I’ve had a couple of conversations with [Lynch]. I can definitely see longer episodes or the question of how we release it linearly and for those who want to stream it.”

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