Simon Cowell needs to find his Mojo and back the poodle
Thursday 18th May 2017

Britain’s Got Talent audiences and impresario Simon Cowell, like nothing more than a canine conjurer. Two dog acts have won the much loved talent show so far in seasons six and nine, with Ashleigh and Pudsey rising to practically national treasure status.

So given the clear love of, and clamour for, an entertaining pooch, why were Derbyshire lass Lynne Land and her pooch Mojo consigned to ITV2 at the weekend and did not feature in the main broadcast?

Had Lynne’s audition been another of those awkward deluded episodes perhaps her exile to ITV2 could be understood however, she received an enthusiastic four yeses from Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden, David Walliams and Cowell.

In fact, Amanda Holden enthused: "Your dogs are just adorable,” adding that Ms Land’s dogs deserved their own kids TV show. Lynne has eight dogs in total, who she has entered in a variety of competitions across the country from agility to working with music although it seems that poodle Mojo is a bit of a show-off and enjoys the bigger stage.

Lynne has owned Mojo from a puppy for five and a half years and noticed her star quality early in her training. In her audition on Saturday night Mojo danced to Let’s Get Ready To Rumble, Ant and Dec’s hit single from their alter-egos PJ and Duncan, before opening two presents – a piano and a sports car – which she delightfully plays and sits in respectively.

In a five-star cute crescendo, Mojo’s son Freddy then joins her on stage, to drive her into the wings in the remote controlled vehicle. 

Given Cowell’s well-publicised love of a good canine act, of which this was definitely one, it was an absolute no-brainer that Lynne was propelled through to the next round. However, why she did not appear on the main broadcast when there were so many dire, deluded auditions is a conundrum.

Could this be a ruse by the producers to maintain the level of variety in the series when editing the broadcast? Or perhaps it is a way to avoid any uproar when the judges quietly decide in their judgely huddle that we will not see anymore of Mojo in the semi-final.

Of course, unless a golden buzzer is pressed for an act, even if they receive a unanimous ‘Yes’ from the judging panel, there is absolutely no guarantee that they will get through to the live semi-finals. That decision is made behind closed doors.

Of course, those who have received the most publicity and are at the top of the bookies’ table are never going to be eliminated, although given that Lynne’s act had over 300,000 hits on YouTube it looks like Mr Cowell really ought to find his Mojo and stick up for the poodle!

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