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June 4 likely Big Brother launch date
Wednesday 17th May 2017

As UK citizens are being bombarded by political campaigners eager to secure our vote in the upcoming general election, there are twelve individuals who will definitely not be at the ballot box on June 8. It has been revealed that this year’s edition of Big Brother, which traditionally begins on a Tuesday, will in fact launch on Sunday, June 4, so the contestants will be well ensconced in their Elstree home when Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn learn of their fate.

Although a Channel 5 spokesperson told Who'll Win that no official date had been set, it seems that those in the know feel that a Sunday launch, given the complication of the general election broadcasting, would be the most sensible and viable solution.

So, while the rest of the population are fixed to their TV sets, to learn of the identity of their new prime minister, what can this year’s housemates expect of their summer vacation?

This particular ark is unlikely to be any kind of refuge however, as the pressure mounts with every twist and turn that the producers can devise.

As usual Rylan Clark-Neal and Emma Willis will be on hand to guide the viewers through the inevitable chaos which may just be more entertaining than what is about to unfold in the UK on June 8.

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