Is BGT's Sarah Ikumu unbeatable?
Wednesday 19th April 2017

Every year, without fail, each time Britain’s Got Talent launches a new series a contestant emerges who it seems is unbeatable. It is a clever, albeit predictable, device that traps the viewers into watching more programmes. 

Of course, because the initial auditions are all recorded, the producers can cut and edit the format so that particular acts appear in specific slots in the schedule, so while the acts may appear to be randomly ushered onto the stage, in fact there will always be one stand out performer who will enthrall and excite.

This year that act was definitely 15-year-old Sarah Ikumu who not only raised the roof, but raised the bar to a level that looks likely to be unassailable in the coming weeks.

Simon Cowell jumped to the golden buzzer as the whole auditorium got to its feet while Sarah took on Jennifer Hudson’s I'm Telling You. The ease, power and finesse with which Ikumu took on this enormous song was certainly astounding, so it was no surprise to discover that she had competed in other teen talent shows and had done very well.

The Missing People Choir have people in tears

Of course the extraordinary talent of Ikumu does not come with the same emotional pull as the voices who are suffering the loss of loved ones, but she has pulling power nevertheless. In fact even with calls of fix or favouritism it looks certain that Sarah will be in the last three.

The reason we can’t suggest that she will win is of course because the producers have some more clever edit’s under their sleeves to keep us hooked.

Expect one startling performance during each show, although not as impressive as Sarah’s and one extraordinary act in the last of the audition performances which will prove to be real competition for the school girl.

An each way bet putting Ikumu in the last three could well be worth while, but wait until the producers have stopped plying us with tit bits before gambling on the winner.

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