Harry Styles joins James Corden in hilarious Carpool Karaoke
Friday 19th May 2017

There is absolutely no doubt that Harry Styles has a charmed life. Inadvertently becoming part of a manufactured boyband on a talent show which subsequently enjoyed global success would be quite sufficient for most. However, having left One Direction on the sidelines for the foreseeable future, Styles has not only ventured into the world of acting and been commended for his efforts in the soon to be released film Dunkirk, but has also received rave reviews for his first self-penned solo album, Harry Styles.

So, given Styles’ A-lister status, his presence on any TV show is a marketing and publicity man’s dream. It is no surprise, therefore that the current King of the American light entertainment genre, James Corden, who was given unprecedented access to First Lady Michelle Obama in his Carpool Karaoke show, has bagged Harry for a solo appearance.

In fact the two super successful Brits have been teamed up for a week long residency on The Late Late Show, of which Corden is host and so it was inevitable at some point that Harry would be jumping into his mates’ car to have a bit of a sing-song.

Viewers were treated to a duet of Styles’ first single Sign of the Times, as James drove his 22-year-old superstar around the Los Angeles suburbs. Conversation drifted from talking about how emotional Harry finds singing his new material to his bold and unique dress sense.

Swapping tops, Corden and Styles appear in a range of outfits from string vests to floral shirts with the self-deprecating and hilarious interviewer recognising that it really did not matter what he or his guest wore, Harry was always going to look trendy and hot while Corden would not.

As the journey lengthened, Styles revealed his love for a good rom-com and that his favourite film was currently The Notebook, which led Corden onto playing out a scene from Notting Hill in which Harry gamely took Julia Roberts' role.

The joy of Carpool Karaoke is that the audience have as much fun watching it as the participants seem to have making it. Corden is such a master at putting his guests at ease, that they appear to forget that millions are watching them and behave in a wholly refreshing and un-starry manner.

Had Mr Styles been in need of a bit of PR this is the show that can do it, however given Harry’s position in the music industry at the moment this show could be seen as the cherry on top of an already embarrassingly cherry-laden cake.

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