Gogglebox vicar keeps the faith in Alone with the In-Laws
Tuesday 11th April 2017

While regularly reviewing different reality TV shows here at Who’ll Win, it becomes apparent that a career path has developed for many of the participants in this particular genre.

Personalities move from one format to another accruing fame and fortune, although most move sideways with few actually climbing up the career ladder.

As we pointed out last week, Rylan Clark is one of the rare exceptions to this rule and will front the new game show Babushka. Scarlett Moffatt and now Rev Kate Bottley from Gogglebox are both on a similar path.

Moffatt, winner of I’m a Celebrity, co-presents comfortably alongside Ant and Dec on Saturday Night Takeaway and now the BBC has cleverly found a perfect slot for the outspoken reverend that is very popular with the viewers.

It is not easy to come up with a format that will neither compromise Kate’s faith or personality or bore the viewers, but one of Auntie’s bright sparks has delivered. In fact, Alone with the In-Laws was developed by reality TV specialists Studio Lambert, whose previous offering Wife Swap is not a million miles away from this new show.

An engaged couple who are on the brink of matrimony are filmed as they visit their potential in-laws on their own to see if they can learn any revealing insights into how their own marriage might develop.

Equipped with a folder of penetrating questions about their hosts’ marriage, from finance to fidelity, lessons are supposed to be learnt about the potential pitfalls in their own relationship.

This week it was Chris and Stacey from Bristol who were overseen by Rev Bottley as they dissected each others parents’ homelife.

Chris’s parents were something of a challenge to Stacey with their conventional roles, lifestyles and attitudes while Stacey’s divorced parents were altogether more open, communicative and sharing which was both challenging and liberating for introvert Chris.

This was an interesting social documentary highlighting how parents do indeed affect the behaviour and attitudes of their children and a path to understanding the potential hiccups of any marriage.

This one-off episode was concluded with a blessing of the prospective marriage in front of all the in-laws by the enthused vicar and viewer reaction has been very positive, so it seems likely that Auntie will be teeing up a few more for our delectation.

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