Broadchurch frustrates and excites in penultimate episode
Tuesday 11th April 2017

Seven episodes in and we are still no closer to working out who attacked Trish Winterman (Julie Hesmondhalgh) than we were at the start.

And while this means viewer frustration is at its peak ahead of the final episode next week, all is forgiven thanks to David Tennant as Alec Hardy, who delivered the best moment in the series so far.

Spewing vitriol over the boys he believes are responsible for the inappropriate images being passed around school of his daughter Daisy, he said: “If you even talk about my daughter again, I will find you and cut your tiny little c***s off.”

Powerful stuff which is a welcome contrast to the central storyline where the female characters are surrounded by abusive, cheating, leering, perverted men who treat women as objects (see suspect list below).

But are those boys responsible? They haven’t been properly outed as the perpetrators, which means, knowing Broadchurch, they probably aren’t.

(Our money’s on Ellie’s son Tom and his mate Michael Lucas, both of whom have been surprisingly absent from the show of late.)

Hardy quote from this week (aside the above)

“You know what I realised Miller? I’m too nice.”

The final episode of Broadchurch airs on Monday, April 17 at 9m on ITV.

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